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Our Proven Solution to Control Healthcare Overtime Costs

Do you need to reduce your labor cost? Are overtime hours consuming your budget? Is your PPD out of control? We can help.

For more than four years, MacMillan Interactive Communications LLC (MIC) has been engineering and building a healthcare staff scheduling and labor optimization system that is currently in use by more than 300 nursing homes and long term care facilities.

Now we are taking a step forward and offering a FREE overtime cost reduction audit to all pontential cutomers. This audit provides you with an analysis of where your labor dollars are going and how much you could save each month if you use our services.

How much can you save each month?

It is not unusual for a facility using our system to save $20K a month or more on their overtime labor costs.

There are many articles on the Internet that provide advice to healthcare facilities on how to control overtime and labor costs. However, none of these articles provide you with a direct solution to audit your payroll data and tools to take action.

Our custom labor cost management consulting service analyzes your payroll data and then suggests actions you can take with specific employees in order to bring down your labor costs dramatically. We have found every facility that we audit, can save thousands of dollars each month if they use our solution.

We are unique in the marketplace, because we can give you a more detailed analysis of your specific labor costs and then provide you interactive solutions that you can use to bring your costs under control.

How do we achieve these cost reductions?

During the course of developing our systems, we found that there were several specific labor challenges which accounted for a large percentage of the overall costs. Among these challenges are:

  • Overscheduling employees
  • Inability to discover and control employees who check in early and check out late
  • A lack of transparency in analyzing which employees are not taking lunches
  • Abuse of required breaks and check in and out patterns
  • And many more factors...

So, our engineering team went to work and began to create algorithms that detect these issues and then provide you with tools to correct the problems easily without excessive busywork.

Our Results

In the four years we have been operating our solution, we found that many customers had the ability to drastically reduce labor costs once they began faithfully using our solution. It is not unusual for a customer to notice a savings of $20K or more on labour costs after utilizing our tools.

Please contact us today for a free audit of the potential costs you could save by utilizing our services.

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