Roku Channel Advertising

Do you want to advertise your Roku channel? We can help. Let us implement an innovative and compelling advertising campaign for your Roku channel. We partner with Roku to create and implement engaging advertising campaigns for customers.

How it Works

First we build an advertising campaign around your channel. We work with you to determine your advertising budget. Then we help you create goals for your channel. If your channel is a subscription channel, we will create a campaign that will target your potential viewers. We can then craft a profile of your potential customer and help you estimate how much it will cost to acquire a new customer. We will help you construct a design for your ads and implement your campaign.

What to Expect

Our campaigns start at $750 to set-up and run your first campaign and then $750 for each additional campaign we run. The setup fee includes a simple ad design (consisting of and ad with your logo, a photo of your choice and a response button), potential customer identification and targeting, strategy and setup. Each time we run a campaign we report the results of the campaign to you and then you can choose to run the campaign again if desired. If you need a more detailed design, we also offer custom ad design services. We also offer additional advertising opportunities on our own extensive network of popular Roku channels. If you need custom ad design, artwork and services, we also are happy to provide you with additional custom consulting services if needed. Contact us for more details.

Typical Results

In Roku campaigns you typically pay each time a Roku user installs your channel. A typical campaign will generate between 100 and 300 installs (installs may vary). You can run back to back campaigns and just run one campaign at a time. The choice is yours.

If you have been thinking about promoting your Roku channel, please consider our personalized servvice. We are happy to run an effective advertising campaign to promote your channel.

Purchase a $750 Roku Advertising Campaign For Your Channel

On average it takes a minimum of five business days to implement a channel advertising campaign. We will start building your campaign as soon as payment is received. For more information, contact MIC for a consultation. We are happy to help with your campaign.