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Roku Channel Monetization Service

Mac Millan Interactive Communications, LLC (MIC) offers services to monetize your Roku channel. Service packages start at $399 to start and $24.95 per month for management. Our monetization service allows you to offer ad space on your channel to advertising customers. In this package we directly help you implement monetization on your channel, provide you training and give you access to our custom software that helps you manage your channel monetization.

The service includes access to our back-end management software, where you can manage the ads that you sell. Our system then allows you to insert your ads into a feed that you can use in your channel. If you also use our channel software to power your channel, then the ads you sell will play every seven minutes in your channel's videos. If your channel is not powered by our channel software, we provide you with a feed that you can use to play the ads in your channel if your channel supports ads.

While it is easiest to use our channel monetization software with a channel powered by us, you can use our system with any channel that supports playing VAST ads. Let us help you to start monetizing your channel.

Purchase Our Channel Marketing Plan ($399)

Please contact us for a "no obligation" consultation on monetizing your Roku channel. We are friendly and happy to help you monetize your channel.