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Streaming Channel Solution for Roku, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV and Chromecast on an Integrated Cloud-Based Channel Management System

Mac Millan Interactive Communications, LLC (MIC) offers Roku, Apple TV, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV and Chromecast streaming channel apps that are powered by our web-based DirectCaster channel server software. The software is cloud-based and your channel(s) are hosted on our servers for a low monthly cost. All channel apps (Roku, FireTV, AppleTV etc.) are connected to your central channel management account on our cloud-software. If you make a change to your channel on our cloud-based software, all the apps on all channel platforms are instantly updated.

Our software makes it easy to manage and organize your VOD videos. You can arrange your content into categories which you create and maintain. The software allows you to quickly link your videos/streams, title your content add add custom descriptions to your media. Once you make a change in the software, the change automatically updates in all your apps (Roku,iOS, Android etc.). Make a change in one place, and everything gets updated.

MIC has done server development and engineering for clients such as Adventist Review ARTv, Go Christian TV,, where we created launched and developed a custom video on demand server solution.

Our streaming channel channel server offers these software features:

  • Mangement of all your VOD videos
  • Software automatically updates all our apps (Roku,iOS, Android and FireTV)
  • Host your videos anywhere
  • Easily import your videos from BunnyCDN, Amazon S3 or Vimeo into our system
  • Affordable subscription rates
  • No required advertising or shared branding(unlike our competitors)
  • No additional, monthly storage or bandwidth charges

Beware of companies offering a channels for a low, monthly service charge! They give you a few Gigs of bandwidth each month that quickly get "eaten up" when you stream content to your customers. Then they charge you high prices for the additional bandwidth that you need to service your customers each month.

We do not require you to buy high priced-bandwidth from us. Neither do we charge you a mandatory monthly service charge just to keep your channel on iOS. Once we develop your channel, it is yours to keep. We are happy to update your channel for you when you are ready.

Our projects have given us extensive experience in integrating customer websites with servers.

Please contact us for a "no obligation" consultation on your server development needs. We are friendly and happy to help with your project.

Note: the software is optional and is not required for Roku, iOS or Android channel development. You can choose to manually maintain channel control files on your own website without using our software if desired. Manually upating channels requires additional app modification services from MIC. Call us for more details on this option.

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