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Marketing and Communications Services

MacMillan Interactive Communications, LLC offers full a full line of marketing and communications services. Our services drive your business development growth systematically and effectively. We provide marketing services for businesses, hospitals, healthcare and education.

Why are we different? We offer a line of customized, automated and marketing and communications services that promote and grow your organization.

We are focused on pre-planning fully automated social media and marketing campaigns that execute systematically 24/7. In contrast, our competitors are often focused on implementing reactionary social media strategies that are sparse, inconsistent and non-systematic. Our campaigns are more effective than traditional reactionary campaigns, because we pre-plan the campaign, execute on an automated time-line and apply cutting edge social media and web marketing technology to stimulate customer growth.

Your Challenge

Let’s say you are responsible for corporate communications, social media and marketing for a hospital. A large hospital can have more than 50 internal departmental customers. Among these departments, there are specific service lines which must be promoted and marketed regularly. If a marketing director is handling the social media independently, there may be limited time and resources to devote to web marketing and social media.

Our Solution

That’s where we can help. We sit down with our customers a unified strategy that includes a communications strategy, powerful social media tools, marketing solutions and media relations expertise. First we start by outlining the service lines or products sold by our customers. Next, we develop a plan to systematically engage with customers using social media, web marketing and the media.

We start by listing the various products and services your organization offers. Then we help prioritize the list based on focus and available resources. Next, we create an engagement frequency document that outlines how often we will be promoting each product or service each month.

Once this is completed, we develop a messaging content for each service or product. After that we program our automation software to automate your social media, web marketing and media relations activity.

When this has been done, we monitor results and fine tune your campaigns to deliver optimal results. We then can cross reference and track results across your website, social media accounts and other promotional platforms.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about automating your web marketing and social media efforts.