Roku Looping Video Channel

Mac Millan Interactive Communications, LLC (MIC) offers a Roku Looping Video channel package to our customers. This package allows our customers to operate a Roku channel that plays a sequence of videos in a loop. Once the video sequence is finished, the channel returns to the first video in the loop and starts the loop again.

This type of channel is perfect if you want to create a Roku looping advertising player in retail locations. It also works well for waiting rooms where you want your customers to view a series of videos as they wait.

Our looping video channel package includes:

  • The channel can be either a private or a public Roku channel.
  • The loop of videos can be edited and changed online using our Media Cloud as often as needed.
  • A one-time development price with no required no ongoing licensing fees
  • No required Ads (unlike our competitors)
  • Channel is managed via our intelligent Media Cloud

We are reasonably priced, as we will always look out for our customers. Our monthly channel management software starts at only $24.95 per month for a personal or micro business channel. Please read our article "Roku Channel Development Costs" to learn what our channel development is all about. Also read our article "About Roku App Development" to learn more about developing a Roku app.

Our Looping Channel Screens

Splash Screen Home Screen Looping Chart

Our projects have given us extensive experience in integrating customer websites with Roku channels.

Our company is also an experienced Roku private channel development company. These channels officially known as "Roku Non-Certified Channels" have many uses. Organizations and businesses who only need only private access for their members find this type of channel highly useful.

Please contact MIC for a consultation on your Roku development needs. We are happy to help with your project.